Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Second Art Challenge - Le Femme

Helen Trachy

Robie Benve

Nan Johnson

Jean Nelson


"Le Femme"

by Dana Marie

*Note:  The miniature painting (wearable art) above, "Le Femme" by Dana Marie is the piece we will be working from for this challenge.

Happy Painting! 

Have Fun!  I look forward to your rendition!

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8th Annual Ripped Off Exhibit - Enjoy!

Here is a beautiful art challenge rendition by EBSQ Artist, Sandra Willard:

NOTE:  If you would like a painting of yours to be considered for a future art challenge, please, send me a picture of the piece to me at

Dana Marie


  1. If the title is french, you must say "LA" femme

    We have LA for female and LE for male

    I will try rendition of this nice subject :)

    1. Hi Byannick :)

      I know I can be weird with letters ...I liked the way "Le Femme" looked more than "La Femme." I decided to break the rules for the look of it. lol :)

      I look forward to your entry! :)

      ~ Dana Marie

  2. This is so pretty Dana! I can't imagine what people will come up with but I will check back and see. Sure wish I had the time to take you up on this challenge but I'll have to give it a try on a future one. Even though it is very tempting...

    1. Thank you, Sandra! Jump in when you can! :)

      ~ Dana Maqrie