Thursday, February 16, 2012

First Challenge - Garden Scents

Dana Marie

Nanci Johnson

Jean Nelson

Garden Scents

*Note:  The painting above, "Garden Scents" by Dana Marie is the piece we will be working from for this challenge.

Happy Painting! 

Have Fun!  I look forward to your rendition!

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8th Annual Ripped Off Exhibit - Enjoy!

Here is a beautiful art challenge rendition by EBSQ Artist, Sandra Willard:


  1. What an interesting idea for a challenge - and love this piece.

  2. Thank you, Jean!

    I hope some people will give the challenge a try as I'd LOVE to see what people come up with each month.

    I have changed my style since this paintng that I have for this challenge and this is something I have wanted to do with my older pieces to see what they would look like now.

    Happy Painting! :)

    With Love,
    ~ Dana Marie

  3. I am glad to have found your new site and challenges. The work from this first challenge is lovely!So tell me, how many of the elements in the original do you want to see in the rendition? Will you still be running the other challenge as well? Sorry I have been away so long...