Friday, September 14, 2012

Eighth Art Challenge - To My Amazement

Come Join the Art Challenge!

Original Dana Marie Wearable Art
Original Dana Marie Wearable Art

Original Dana Marie Wearable Art
Dana Marie

"Balancing Act"
by Dana Marie

Sometimes it's easier to see a photograph or photo like painting to use as inspiration, however, I hope that you are able to see your own vision in my work.

It may take some work to break down the piece to something you would paint, but this is why this is called an Art Challenge.

Do you see a night sky?  A Carninal?  Maybe a Robin?  What do you see?  I want to see what comes from this exercise.

If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to email me at

"To My Amazement"

by Dana Marie

*Note:  The Original Wearable Art piece, "To My Amazement" is a miniature acrylic painting by Dana Marie and is the piece we will be working from for this challenge.

Happy Painting!

Have Fun! I look forward to your rendition

You may view EBSQ's 2011 Ripped Off entries here: Art Entries.

More great entries, these are from the 9th Annual Ripped Off Exhibit.


8th Annual Ripped Off Exhibit - Enjoy!

Here is a beautiful art challenge rendition by EBSQ Artist, Sandra Willard:

Please, send your entry(s) in by October 13th.

NOTE: If you would like a painting of yours to be considered for a future art challenge, please, send me a picture of the piece to me at

Dana Marie

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