Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fifth Art Challenge - Tranquil Journey

Teri H Hoover

Jean Nelson

"Tranquil Journey"
by Dana Marie

The original piece was created using sand and acrylic.

*Note: The painting above, "Tranquil Journey" by Dana Marie is the piece we will be working from for this challenge.

Happy Painting!

Have Fun! I look forward to your rendition!

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8th Annual Ripped Off Exhibit - Enjoy!

Here is a beautiful art challenge rendition by EBSQ Artist, Sandra Willard:

NOTE: If you would like a painting of yours to be considered for a future art challenge, please, send me a picture of the piece to me at

Dana Marie


  1. Hi Dana Marie! This is one painting I like very much. All that blue with just a bit of warmth on the tip of the leaves!...Really nice :)
    I do hope I'll be able to paint a little something soon.

    1. Thank you, Helen!

      I can sympathize…I too hope to get some time to paint soon. :)

      I look forward to seeing your work again!

      ~ Dana Marie

  2. Great painting- thanks for the challnge. See you again later in the summer. My contribuiton is here-